* Website No Longer Maintained (01-04-2013)

TangoClub is taking a break, and this website is no longer being maintained. To find out the latest events, please keep your eye on the tangoauckland mailing list and announcements on our Facebook group. The events in our tango calendar may or may not be up to date - please contact the organiser directly to confirm.

TangoClub is a non-profit group made up of Argentine tango enthusiasts in Auckland. We love the music, we love the dance, and we want to share that joy with others. Keep up to date with our tango calendar, and let us know if you are keen to help out with running future events.

For those new to tango, we have compiled a list of teachers in Auckland from whom you can take classes. You can see some great dancers in action in the tango demos, and we have also tried to answer any questions you might have in our FAQ page.

We are going to start small, but we have many more ideas for our club activities. Feel free to contact us with any any suggestions or comments. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

The TangoClub team

Upcoming tango events outside Auckland:

Dancing tango...
Photo credit: Christian Choi

Recent News

* TangoClub Titanic Milonga—Bye for now! (15-03-2013)

TangoClub is wrapping up activities for the year, until we return, in full force, in 2014. Our last Tuesday night practica will be on Tuesday 19 March and we will be going out with a bang next Friday, on Friday 22 March with a milonga of titanic proportions (yes, there will be prize draws, steerage tickets and limited life boats to escape themed cortinas—come dressed as your favourite maritime character, as Kate, Leo, the captain or as an iceberg, you decide!). 8:30-11:30pm at the Pasión Por Tango studio. See you there!

* Tango Workshop with Alberto Catalá (14-03-2013)

Visiting teacher Alberto Catalá from Argentina will be teaching a tango workshop at the Pasión Por Tango studio on Saturday 23 March, 4-6pm. Workshop for "little movements, big connection" $40 (or $70 for a couple). Contact Cecilia Trini for info or bookings on +64 22 190 5985 or ceciliatrini@gmail.com

* Auckland/Thames Tango Weekend (16-01-2013)

Carl is organising what promises to be a delightful tango weekend at the beginning of February. Make the most of summer while it lasts!

Limited free accommodation, bookings essential. Contact Carl at carl@eltango.co.nz for further details.

* Happy Holidays (22-12-2012)

Maida's beautiful milonga last night is the last one for the year in Auckland. The next milonga will be a small one at Limon on the day after New Year's Day, after which the timetable pretty much returns to normal. Hope you have a fantastic break, all ready for more dancing in the new year!

* Dance Events with Tango This Weekend (05-12-2012)

In addition to Carl's milonga and Vikki and Martyn's practica this weekend, there are some public events which will feature a bit of tango, along with other dance styles...

We thought the year was winding down, but it seems to be ramping up with tango!

* Auckland Tango Weekend (24-11-2012)

At least one weekend will be sizzling this summer, when the talented Cecilia Trini partners with her mother Maria Mognaschi to bring you a weekend of dancing.

Friday 14 December

Saturday 15 December

Sunday 16 December

Private lessons available 13 - 28 December. For queries, information and bookings: 022 1905985 or info@pasionportango.com

* TangoClub Milonga (16-11-2012)

TangoClub will be running a special milonga on Friday 23 November at the Pasion Por Tango studio, Parisian Building, 4 Poyton Terrace, 8:30 - 11:30pm. With home-made Argentinian empanadas and prizes (including a Narcotango CD and free classes with Cecilia Trini), there is no excuse not to be there! Join us for TangoClub's last milonga of the year, and dance the night away at this beautiful parkside location. $15 entry (free for non-dancers), light refreshments included.

* Labour Weekend Tango Workshops (09-10-2012)

Don't go away over the Labour Weekend, because Anibal Montenegro and Hossana Heinreich will be visiting. They are beautiful dancers and great teachers, well known throughout Europe, and you will also remember them from the New Zealand Tango Festival earlier this year. After Auckland they will be heading to Thames and Tauranga. Check out their class timetable, and book these and any private lessons with Carl Robson.

* Auckland Tango Week (02-09-2012)

John and Felicity Flower are organising an Auckland Tango Week from 8 - 14 October, sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina. This is a great chance for us, as well as members of the public, to sample Argentinean wine and food, participate in free beginners tango classes, experience live tango music and watch performances. You can also dress up for The Auckland Grand Tango Ball, which will no doubt be a spectacular affair for dancers and non-dancers alike. Please check the event website for further details.

* Olympic Fever Milonga (13-08-2012)

Help us celebrate New Zealand's successes at TangoClub's Olympic Fever Milonga on Friday 24 August, 8:30 - 11pm at the Pasion Por Tango studio, 4 Poynton Terrace, Auckland Central, $15. Dress up in olympic colours, the flag of your favourite country, or simply as your naturally athletic self. You may even find yourself becoming a winner!

* Class and performance update (05-07-2012)

After her ladies' technique class sold out almost immediately, Alicia Pons will now be teaching a second one at 5 - 6:30pm on Saturday 7 July. She will also be performing at Carl's milonga on Friday night. Don't miss out!

* Visiting Teachers in July (01-07-2012)

We are very lucky to have some visiting tango teachers in Auckland soon. Catch them while you can!

* Get your Tango Fix this Sunday (08-06-2012)

Wow, tango is picking up in Auckland, with two events on this Sunday 10 June (thankfully not the same time, so feel free to go to both!)

* Ladies Technique - in heels! (23-05-2012)

The only tango classes we know of in Auckland dedicated to women's technique have begun! Learn to dance properly in heels with Cecilia Trini on Thursdays 8:15 - 9:15pm at the Pasión Por Tango studio. This is an open level class, working on fundamentals of axis, balance, and body alignment, leading to better communication within the dance and adding adornos comfortably.

* Starstruck Milonga (23-05-2012)

It's going to be a night to remember this Saturday 26 May, with the huge and glitzy Starstruck Milonga at the Pasión Por Tango studio, 8:30-11:30pm, $20 (DJ: Peter Jackson). Dress up as your favourite celebrity, light in the sky, or simply your gorgeous selves. What's the occasion? It's your last chance to see Auckland's tango superstars for 8 months—yes, Marion and John and Stephan and Era are taking a well-deserved break and will no doubt be having a great time overseas!

* Live Tango Music (07-05-2012)

It's not often that we have the opportunity to listen to tango music live, so head down to the Alp Ice Cafe at 7-9pm on Fridays this month to experience the beautiful renditions of a selection of South American styles (Bossa Nova, Samba and Tango) by Belinda and Johannes of Cachaca Duo. They will focus on Tango for the second half of their performance.

* Musicality Workshop with Mariano Vasquez (30-04-2012)

Last chance to take a class with Argentinian musician and tango dancer Mariano Vasquez this Wednesday 2 May, 7 - 8:30pm at the Pasión Por Tango studio. $20. Don't miss this opportunity!

* Easter Tango at Jambalaya (04-04-2012)

Check out the schedule at the Jambalaya Festival of Rhythm and Dance. You can do a tango immersion course with visiting teachers Fabio and Ana, or simply dance socially at a milonga on Friday and Saturday night ($25 and $35 respectively, hosted by Jessye and Antony Purcell)! There are plenty of other classes and activities to do with other forms of dance as well, such as swing, zouk and salsa.

* Fundraising with Entertainment Books (29-02-2012)

To help cover the costs of website hosting, venue hire for tango events and other expenses, TangoClub is once again selling Entertainment Books for $65 each (we get $13). Available from late March, these books contain vouchers for discounts at hundreds of Auckland businesses, from 2-for-1 to 25% off deals, useable until 1 June 2013. Pre-order before 28 March, and receive a bonus voucher while stocks last. Enquiries or orders to Sarah.

* Tuesday night TangoFactory practica (27-02-2012)

TangoClub will be running a TangoFactory practica every Tuesday night at the Pasión Por Tango studio, beginning in March. A chance to practise what you have learnt, great music from our DJ Stephan, and a host of friendly faces to discuss your tango problems with... what else would you rather do on a Tuesday? See you there!

* Tango Workshops with Sebastian Arrua and Cecilia Trini (21-03-2012)

Come and learn a thing or two with these young, gorgeous and experienced Argentinian teachers! $40 per workshop, at Unitec entrance 1, Carrington Road, Auckland. Contact Cecilia on 022 190 5985 to book.

* Pasión Por Tango news (07-02-2012)

Pasión Por Tango is organising two milongas for us this week, in their beautiful new studio at 4 Poynton Terrace, off Pitt Street, not far from K'Rd. They've also announced their new timetable for February, with classes taught by two different teachers from Argentina!

Enquiries to Marion (027 202 0501 or 09 445 9544).

* Pasión Por Tango has a new studio! (20-01-2012)

Great news—Pasión Por Tango has a beautiful new studio off Pitt Street, close to K'Road. You can see the results of the many hours of hard work put in by Marion and John on Valentine's Day (Tuesday 14 February), when they will hold their first milonga there. We're also looking forward to the return of the fantastic Argentinian teacher Cecilia Trini. We'll keep you posted on further details...

* Pasión Por Tango Events (03-01-2012)

We've got a slow start to the year, with Carl's milonga and Vikki and Martyn's practica not happening this month. But never fear, Pasión Por Tango is here! In addition to the usual other milongas (thanks Cecile and Maida), the following will both be held at the Devonport Seascout Hall, King Edward Parade (next to Yacht Club on the waterside), Devonport.

All welcome. Enquiries to Marion (027 202 0501 or 09 445 9544)

* Pasión Por Tango Events (04-12-2011)

Their beautiful downtown studio may no longer be available, but the forces behind it are putting on great tango events for us. The following will both be held at the Devonport Seascout Hall, King Edward Parade (next to Yacht Club on the waterside), Devonport.

Enquiries to Marion (027 202 0501 or 09 445 9544)

* New book on tango out 28 November (08-11-2011)

Ten years ago, Kapka Kassabova began dancing tango in New Zealand and was hooked. She shares the attraction of this dance, this way of life, in her book Twelve Minutes of Love: a tango story which will be available on 28 November where all good books are sold. RRP $39.99 - Christmas present sorted!

* Tango Workshops with Hernan Brizuela (29-09-2011)

Tango in Auckland will be getting a boost of energy very shortly, in the form of visiting teacher Hernan Brizuela. Apart from performing at a milonga, he is offering workshops from 14 to 16 October. Prices: 1-2 workshops: $45 each; 3-5 workshops: $40 each; Workshop Package (includes all workshops and entry to Practilonga): $220. Hernan is also available for private lessons. For bookings, please contact tangoinoz@gmail.com or call Stephan on 021 232 5195.

* No more TangoBar Tuesdays for the time being (29-09-2011)

TangoClub's TangoBar Tuesdays are on hold until further notice. We encourage you to dance at Limon and the Friday milongas though!

* Free tango class in Birkenhead (19-09-2011)

Cecile and Nigel are teaching a free tango class as part of the Birkenhead Village Argentinian Festival of the Arts. Sunday 9th October, 10.30am - 1.00pm, Nell Fisher Marquee, Birkenhead. The class will be followed by a free milonga, with a tango demo by John and Felicity.

* Timetable changes from the RWC (08-09-2011)

Cecile's usual milonga is cancelled this Friday for the Opening Night of the Rugby World Cup, however Martyn and Vikki's practica is still on Sunday. Also, please note that the TangoBar milongas at the Crib are cancelled on 20 and 27 September. On these nights, the bar will be open for viewings of live games.

* New tango classes in Mount Eden (02-08-2011)

Craig (Sooty) Love is starting tango up classes in Mount Eden, beginning next week. This is a great option for those looking for something fun and funky.

* New TangoClub milongas; practicas on hold (01-08-2011)

With the Pasion Por Tango studio no longer in action, TangoClub has decided to fill one of the gaps in our social calendar by hosting milongas on the third Fridays of the month for the time being. As a result, we are putting our Práctica in the Park temporarily on hold. If you've been thinking of organising tango events yourself, now is the time to step up and give it a go!

* Fire and Ice: Grand Finale Ball at Pasion Por Tango (12-07-2011)

It's the end of an era. After inspiring hundreds of students for almost exactly 4 years to the day, Pasion Por Tango will cease to have use of their downtown studio at the end of this month. As a fitting farewell, they will be holding a grand finale ball on Saturday 23 July, 9pm - 1am, $20. Dress up for the theme of "Fire and Ice" as much as you like, and make it an evening to remember!

* Argentinian Festival at Birkenhead Village (11-07-2011)

In September/October, the Birkenhead Town Centre Association is hosting an Argentinian Festival, with Argentinian films, tango classes, music and more. Further details will be available on their website in August.

* New drinks menu for Tango Tuesdays (10-06-2011)

Our TangoBar milongas on Tuesday nights now offer a greater variety of drinks, with a new non-alcoholic menu specially created for our dancers. Join us for an early night of dancing to a mix of traditional, nuevo and alternative tango music.

* Argentinian folk dance workshop (02-06-2011)

Nayeli and Pablo will be giving another fun workshop this Sunday on Argentinian folk dancing. $10, 2:30 - 3:30pm Sunday 5 June, at the Pasión Por Tango studio. Contact Marion on 027 202 0501 for further info.

* Entertainment Books 2011/2012 (01-06-2011)

The Entertainment Books we sold last year as a fundraiser have just expired. The new book is now available, and contains hundreds of vouchers with discounts of 25-50% off and 2-for-1 offers from many of the best restaurants, hotels and attractions in Auckland, usable until June 2012. Contact Sarah to order your copy today!

* Free beginners tango classes (05-05-2011)

We want to encourage more people to share our love of tango, so we are organising some free beginners tango classes. The next one is on Sunday 29 May. Let all your friends know, and find out what Argentine tango is about!

* TangoBar Tuesdays kick off in May (30-04-2011)

We are excited to announce that we have a new venue for our TangoBar milonga. Every Tuesday night from 7:30 - 10:30pm, you can now dance to our DJ Stephan's music. There is a good selection of food and drink, as well as plenty of seating available, so feel free to bring your friends along too.

* Argentinian folk dance workshop (27-04-2011)

Nayeli and Pablo will be giving a fun workshop this Saturday on Argentinian folk dancing. $15, 2 - 3:30pm Saturday 30 April, at the Pasión Por Tango studio. Contact Marion on 027 202 0501 for further info.

* Happy Easter, and dance with you later! (20-04-2011)

We are cancelling our April Práctica in the Park so that we can all enjoy a long holiday, but straight afterwards on Tuesday 26 April, you are invited to join us for a trial TangoBar milonga at The Crib, 151 Ponsonby Road, from 7:30-10:30pm. As usual, fantastic music from our DJ Stephan is on offer, and pizza will be available for purchase for those who turn up hungry ($10 before 7pm). Please support our venue and have some food and/or drink!

* Workshops with Shastro and Maria (10-02-2011)

Shastro and Maria, a couple from Maui, Hawaii, will be in Auckland from 4 - 8 and 28 - 30 March. Hosted by the Pasión Por Tango studio, they will be giving a number of workshops, and are also available for private lessons. Contact Marion 09 445 9544/027 202 0501 for further information.

* New tango book: A Pickpocket's History of Argentine Tango (08-02-2011)

We haven't had a chance to review A Pickpocket's History of Argentine Tango yet, but this new book sounds intriguing! Explore "the rise of Tango in Argentina: its social and political climate, its characters, music, dance, song and poetry", and let us know how you get on.

* Upcoming tango documentary: Tango Your Life (16-01-2011)

Chan Park of TangoZen is working on a tango documentary named Tango Your Life, due to be released early this year. The trailer available online includes part of an interview with blind dancer Gyles from Auckland, who is now living and dancing in Buenos Aires. You are welcome to support this project by making a financial contribution.

* Musicality and technique workshop with María Mognaschi (26-01-2011)

Actress, singer and tango teacher María Mognaschi is returning to Auckland for one workshop on musicality and technique. Tuesday 1 February, 8 - 10pm, $25 at the Pasión Por Tango studio.